Domestic Animal Obstetrics

Publisher : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

ISBN-13 : 9783847306191

Page : 632 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 191 voters

The domestic species included in the text are cattle, buffalo, horse, camel, sheep, goat, dog and cat. The scope of obstetrics covers events during pregnancy, parturition and post partum. The mechanisms of pregnancy are covered in detail. Pregnancy diagnosis is explained with key points and sketches/pictures. The common abortion causing diseases, complications of gestation and congenital fetal defects are mentioned. The events of parturition and peurperium are described with techniques of induced parturition and enhancement of ovarian cyclicity. The causes and management of dystocia across the various species are explained separately with practical hints and pictorial representation. The obstetrical procedures are defined separate to genital surgeries with incorporation of practical knowhow. The post partum complications are enlisted separately for the large animals and companion animals. The description of theories of reproduction at many places would prove useful for veterinary graduates whereas incorporation of practical experiences render the text practitioner friendly. Pertinent referencing not only authenticate the text but would also prove useful for scientific citation

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