Career Planning for Research Bioscientists

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN-13 : 1118406575

Page : 192 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 575 voters

Career Planning for Research Bioscientists is anessential careers guide for bioscience doctoral students andpostdoctoral researchers. It contains a wealth of information andresources specifically targeted at research bioscientists, withpractical strategies to enhance career success in an increasinglycompetitive job market. Advice on how to write a winning CVtogether with examples adapted for different jobs is presented, aswell as practical exercises to assist with skills analysis anddecision making. Profiles of PhD-qualified bioscienstists ina range of professions including academic research, industry,science communication, management and consultancy provide valuableinsights into how others have managed their careers, and tacticssuch as networking and using social media demonstrate how newopportunities can be discovered. The content of this book is aimedprimarily at research bioscientists, however much of the advice andinformation will be a useful reference for other students andresearchers looking for an effective career planning strategy. A companion website with additional resources is available at ahref="" you can visit Sarah Blackford’s blog at ahref="" more information.